November already!

my studio stamped was carved out of soapstone about 30 years ago…a little ‘a’….every now and then it gets dropped and the thought of having to carve another one arises but have been very lucky for quite a while!! was turning bowls and small dishes this morning and stamping the bases made me think about how long ago I’d made it and how different it can look with different clay bodies and glazes. fired a glost firing yesterday…finished about 7.30pm last night….throwing done during day was ready to turn this morning…almost  another kiln load ready. how did it happen to be November already, big push to work…am having a studio sale on 30th…6-9pm Christmas drinks  and Sat. 1st december 10-4pm …so work work work!!

everything is looking very dry outside so have been mulching heavily to keep surface moisture in….if I’ve thrown a batch of pieces I rush outside for half an hour and belt around…have been dividing native irises/ diete s and using them against embankments …grasses that are hardy … no prima donnas here… the small dam down below the studio brings lots of birds calling. lovely to see a flash of blue as a small azure kingfisher flashes past!!    back to throwing!!