fish bisque ?

IMG_2355very busy weekend with family lunches and markets but up early this morning to pack a new bisque..some sardines, trout and gropers cobalting their way onto porcelain jars!!  the drawing needs to be done at this stage so that wax resist can be used to ‘ink’ in around the fish before glazing. some linen fish are ‘swimming’ to the Netherlands this week with an almost long lost cousin….other family members were somewhere upcountry near Robertson having a bush band and dance celebration for a 70 year old family member ( in the band!!) nice to be  quietly in the studio today tho!!


one fish two fish

RIMG0007its interesting to play with intensity of ink and watch how it meets and merges….is it necessity is the mother of invention? was running out of the batch of ink I’d prepared and decided to make a line and use a darker tone for the last  fish..shibori meets printing?




turned a batch of small bowls early this morning…almost lost them, it was so dry in the studio overnight!! gave the bases a quick dip in water and left to stand 5 min. and they were able to be turned. just about a kiln load for thursday.


IMG_2157 2

was a good day yesterday at the Eveliegh Markets…catching up with people, meet new people, engage with interested public!!  shared a stand with  Chinaclay …  Cath Fogarty… with lovely work from her gallery in  Burnie St. Clovelly .  sooo a bit of Mondayitis but lots of inspiration.  just finished turning a series of bowls before morning tea…in a cup purchased yesterday/ thank you Natalie Veldthuyzen!!! so now the decks are clear ..sleeves up and into it!!