IMG_3104 the variables of glazing and firing are many, consistency of the glaze batch, application method, speed of action, thinness or thickness of piece…and then the firing!! This glaze is best not reduced so it needs to be higher up in the kiln with a bit of space around it.   every time I think I’ll throw that glaze away, the result it gives next firing is lovely and I’m hooked again….it makes me think of summer and the sea.

Glost firing on

IMG_30176 am is a bit darker these days!! up to get the kiln on so it won’t finish too late…a few little experiments with over and under glazing, a few beads, a few copper landscape pieces to add to existing grouping for an exhibition.                                                                    cleaned the inside of the kiln last week…bought a jar of general purpose refractory cement and patched and stuffed holes…tidyied up kiln props and bought some new ones…waiting for some good sales sometime soon and will buy some new kiln shelves….15 -20 yrs good service will is coming to an end for some of them!!