landscape bowls


working with clay on the wheel I am able to explore many aspects of landscape forms that interest me, ¬†working with folds in the thrown wall of a bowl, layering glaze washes after a bisque ¬† …ridges,valleys,windbreaks,rocks,trees and fields become the energy for my surface treatment.

Shibori markings


continually walking past my rack of shibori dyed linen a few weeks ago…one piece kept nudging my thinking…and with the next thrown batch of ‘spoon’ jars (about actual size above) I set to work with my cobalt wash and wax. the brain is a crazy thing! links out of the blue(sorry), pieces of highly specialised info appear out of nowhere (seemingly) , answers we didn’t know we knew?!! ¬†Computers? the brain’s not half bad either !!

Positive / negative


turning things over, around, upside down….what if , what if ? so turning positives into negatives (solid dots into negative marks) … also influenced by movement of liquid over wax in working with textiles. grouping of forms as a still life, all avenues explored during the process of making and firing.