and a few days in Copenhagen …an instagram power, torts- copenhagen  was a nice spot to visit…a few galleries and ceramic people with their own small galleries…beautiful work!!  then off home to  finish off projects for 2016 !!

Portugal -art in the algarve


Tim Winters of Stuart Town out past Orange NSW had advertised on Linked in that he was to be a tutor in Olhao in Portugal (www.artinthealgarve.com) on the 5th of October/16 for 7 days so as a journey was already happening, Portugal became part of the experience! Tim talked about the sorting of ideas and experiences in travel and an approach to turning these into paintings…was great!! wonderful old studio in the building complex to work in…an englishman had bought a group of buildings and restored, repurposed and linked them…a fabulous space.


Hay on Wye


arriving in the Uk on the 26th? of September this year to visit my daughter and family…we were out the next day exploring in Hay on Wye, and came across an interesting cafe/shop/gallery/etc etc and around the corner just inside were these lovely pieces!!  Katie didn’t live far away but she happened to be in Switzerland at the time so there was no studio visit.