pumpkin scones

img_3963pumpkin scones for afternoon tea..wrapped in  shibori cloth…how amazing is that colour?(scones i.e.!) the making,holding, giving, presenting of even the smallest things is a pleasure of life…..aaaand the eating!!yum yum (especially with a swipe of butter and a cup of tea )


img_3927studio dynamics involve work procedures, firings,deadlines,events and venues…all needing to be juggled. sometimes a bit hectic, sometimes a lull but work continues!! during the ‘normal’ studio output this year,  bowls, plates and little dishes have been stacking up ready to fill an order for a restaurant in sydney. its fun playing with stacks of bowls and the variables in their glazing. also a continuing search into greens in glazes.

too much solar


afternoon sun in the studio at the height of summer is impossible to work in so finally this year I put up a rod and brackets to fling some fabric over …some leftover bits with ties so they can be moved to suit. yesterday afternoon I looked up and the shadows on the ceiling were beautiful…the light bouncing off the small dam down below the studio. back to work!!  The kiln is humming along nicely, a glost firing started at 3.30 this morning in the hope it will mature before the day is too hot? fingers crossed !!