November already!

my studio stamped was carved out of soapstone about 30 years ago…a little ‘a’….every now and then it gets dropped and the thought of having to carve another one arises but have been very lucky for quite a while!! was turning bowls and small dishes this morning and stamping the bases made me think about how long ago I’d made it and how different it can look with different clay bodies and glazes. fired a glost firing yesterday…finished about 7.30pm last night….throwing done during day was ready to turn this morning…almost  another kiln load ready. how did it happen to be November already, big push to work…am having a studio sale on 30th…6-9pm Christmas drinks  and Sat. 1st december 10-4pm …so work work work!!

everything is looking very dry outside so have been mulching heavily to keep surface moisture in….if I’ve thrown a batch of pieces I rush outside for half an hour and belt around…have been dividing native irises/ diete s and using them against embankments …grasses that are hardy … no prima donnas here… the small dam down below the studio brings lots of birds calling. lovely to see a flash of blue as a small azure kingfisher flashes past!!    back to throwing!!


packed kiln early yesterday morning and start firing about 9am…slowly trickled through first half of the day and eventually finished 8.30pm ..nice and toasty in the studio this morning as the temperature has taken a dive outside to about 11deg.Was such a lovely day yesterday its a shame but also good, now am not tempted to fiddle around outside and can settle into some throwing!!

Ironstone glazed

Ironstone glazed

glaze unpacked last week had my ironstone  glazed pieces in…love the little rust edges/rims…only incidental reduction in firing, nothing intentional, thin and thick application also is part of the variation of surface.           picking up new clay supplies this week, ironstone will be included!!last day of the month today, can’t believe it….one more visitor to come this afternoon…visitor yesterday …took quite a bit of work, so new week, new               clay , clean studio, can’t wait to get into throwing!! working on another grouping  of blossom jars, and tall landscape cylinders.

new fish blue fish better fish two fish more fish ?!!!

unpacked the kiln on Saturday morning, good results….fish beakers were softer in this firing…the cobalt oxide wash can be sensitive and easily too heavy, happy with this result though. studio recycled clay fired a lovely light grey this time and landscape tiles successful. have a new bag of Keanes  iron stoneware dying to try for the next kiln load to get that lovely warmth in the body. such a lovely morning its a bit hard to knuckle down and throw!!

kiln packed for bisque

nice full kiln load packed ...will fire thursday. running a bit behind  schedule but sometimes thats how it experimenting in a small test kiln painting on small commercially glazed tiles with oxides and underglaze colour for a commercial application.

nice full kiln load for bisque firing on thursday..bit behind schedule but thats how it goes sometimes. firing some small tests of drawing with oxides on commercially glazed tiles to find fusion point temperature…seems happy around 1000deg C…want to be sure before committing to the big kiln!! off to deliver a few pots tomorrow ..see a few people in town and then back into drying out the last bit of the bisque ready for thursday!!