new fish blue fish better fish two fish more fish ?!!!

unpacked the kiln on Saturday morning, good results….fish beakers were softer in this firing…the cobalt oxide wash can be sensitive and easily too heavy, happy with this result though. studio recycled clay fired a lovely light grey this time and landscape tiles successful. have a new bag of Keanes  iron stoneware dying to try for the next kiln load to get that lovely warmth in the body. such a lovely morning its a bit hard to knuckle down and throw!!

kiln packed for bisque

nice full kiln load packed ...will fire thursday. running a bit behind  schedule but sometimes thats how it experimenting in a small test kiln painting on small commercially glazed tiles with oxides and underglaze colour for a commercial application.

nice full kiln load for bisque firing on thursday..bit behind schedule but thats how it goes sometimes. firing some small tests of drawing with oxides on commercially glazed tiles to find fusion point temperature…seems happy around 1000deg C…want to be sure before committing to the big kiln!! off to deliver a few pots tomorrow ..see a few people in town and then back into drying out the last bit of the bisque ready for thursday!!

Merric and Arthur Boyd’s pots

in to Gosford Regional gallery on the weekend to have a look at the Merric and Arthur Boyd pots….like Merric’s use of landscape elements twisted around forms….but love the big tiles and platters of Arthur Boyd.

The slideshow showing next door in a small theatrette almost are clearer and more seductive than the real thing in the cases in the gallery!!

stuffed fish?

finished turning two pieces of fabric into cushions last night ready for the Avoca Markets…and one went to a new home ! now am drying out the studio and its contents after a very on again off again day of squalls of rain and wind ..and dry patches…luckily a surprising number of people about!! and clean up ready to glaze tomorrow