Snow gum jars

stoneware jars out of the kiln a few days ago…love the colour of this clay body, especially

against the matt white glaze informally thrown over it, runs and washes all part of surface.

it feels like a snow cold wind out there this afternoon…get your woolly coats on little vegies

and plants so hopefully growing out there !! dropped from 20 to 13deg !!

stoneware platter

platters and plates, stoneware gives such lovely surfaces to present food, the texture and colour of the clay gives an earthy ‘stoneyness’ that adds and reflects all the deliciousness of shared food platters from cheese to fruit to seafood or meats….mmmm what time is it?

‘stone’ cups


stoneware cups out of last weeks firing…am enjoying the ‘stone-ness’ of the body and the way the white matt glaze works over it, satisfies a need for ‘earthiness’ visually apparent. my porcelain is fired to the same temperature, a different delishess ness !!

stone plates


plates and bowls out of the kiln on the weekend…am enjoying the stoneware clay body, colour and texture.  the whole process of ceramics, of earth, clay, forming and firing processes, resulting in usable objects, never ceases to be a pleasure.