porcelain earings


between the main activities in the studio there are always bits of time and small processes that are fun to play with and keep the mind ticking over. for ten minutes about a month ago scraps of rolled out clay for another project were moulded into small pairs and peirced. a week or two later they fitted into a bisque no problemo .   painted and fired again they then sat on the bench for a while waiting to see how they would hang.  and this week they were fitted with stirling silver hand made findings, ready to roll …. pleasant small projects are fun and keep the momentum rolling in the studio.

landscape bowls


working with clay on the wheel I am able to explore many aspects of landscape forms that interest me,  working with folds in the thrown wall of a bowl, layering glaze washes after a bisque   …ridges,valleys,windbreaks,rocks,trees and fields become the energy for my surface treatment.

Shibori markings


continually walking past my rack of shibori dyed linen a few weeks ago…one piece kept nudging my thinking…and with the next thrown batch of ‘spoon’ jars (about actual size above) I set to work with my cobalt wash and wax. the brain is a crazy thing! links out of the blue(sorry), pieces of highly specialised info appear out of nowhere (seemingly) , answers we didn’t know we knew?!!  Computers? the brain’s not half bad either !!

Positive / negative


turning things over, around, upside down….what if , what if ? so turning positives into negatives (solid dots into negative marks) … also influenced by movement of liquid over wax in working with textiles. grouping of forms as a still life, all avenues explored during the process of making and firing.



lovely light outside yesterday morning….lovely to see the glow of light through the  walls of this landscape cup…its the new Keane Ceramics  LUMINA porcelain body fired to 1300deg centigrade.