Here fishy !

within the space of a week to have both of my kilns out of action, and lots of work to be fired, I was giving my blood pressure a workout!! the electric kiln wouldn’t turn on and the control box said ‘Error’ …. but this morning I repacked the glost and we’re back in business. Woodrow kiln’s hunch was the thermocouple…a credit card and Aus Post enabled us to connect it this morning! The Gas kiln it turned out also had thermocouple issues (via old age) and an hour later I paid the young electrician on his phone and continued working in the studio !!

more landlines


a favourite out of the kiln last week…a landscape planter…felt a bit like gardening, putting in borders/lines (hedges?) and then allowing riotous growth between …love the  flow of watery cobalt oxide with different brushes, playing with patterns and elements of landscape. approx. 19cm h and 19cm w. porcelain.