alchemy ?


glazing small fat jugs today, with my copper matt glaze which usually does nice  things with a variable dip of glaze…love the alchemy of glaze and clay, and importantly, fire!!!  this quite lovely soft colour as is, will, through fire,  become a dark matt copper colour….with, importantly, variations…giving the surface of the pot more energy! this is the addiction for me.

more landlines


a favourite out of the kiln last week…a landscape planter…felt a bit like gardening, putting in borders/lines (hedges?) and then allowing riotous growth between …love the  flow of watery cobalt oxide with different brushes, playing with patterns and elements of landscape. approx. 19cm h and 19cm w. porcelain.



a new handmade brush has enlivened my drawing /painting on porcelain…the ceramic surface often is very dry and sucks the moisture out a brush very quickly, preventing flowing lines but this brush is great..thankyou @troybungart for your passion for making these brushes!! (available at the TACA office..the australian ceramics association…) this is a detail of a jar approx. 11x20cm…firing today.



driving down to victoria last weekend the countryside was looking so good. and clouds were amazing but coming home reminds me of the energy and movement of coastal skies that I love so much…more canvas please!!!

ready for action !!


so nice to be able to see work in situ and in action!…delivered plates this morning to #momofukuseibo to add to their existing pile. glazed in variations of my copper glaze and overdipped with my turquoise…I am enjoying the variations and suggestions of landscape created. also amazing to have this sensibility at the moment toward handmade ceramics and seeing it in an everyday context, as it was in the past.

a bit fishy


every now and then fish scoot across my linen with fabric dye, indigo and wax…..but  also every now and then they  can’t resist jumping onto a platter as well…I have to keep on my toes because they can’t suddenly do it at the glazing stage, they have to sneek on at the leather hard stage to be able to glide under the final glaze layer for the last firing.was quite partial to this platter that came out of the kiln last week.