walking with gypsy this morning it was a recognise the beautiful smells morning….her smells being grass and other puppies, mine turning out to be mainly honeysuckle and some Murraya ( mock orange blossom?) and star jasmine…. in the early morning air was just great!!

boat headland


loving clouds at the moment …and headlands..always…boats…old boats, timbers and worn paint.. we had a phone call a few years ago and someone we knew said there was a broken timber boat in the low tide rockpool not too far away. so off with the ute and extra hands and bits of it came home…it had had a bit of a journey from the looks of it…. but it has featured in lots of my pieces and still there are pieces out behind the shed…waiting!


green tea ?


well, green teapot anyway?!! have enjoyed making settings of bowls and spoons with a teapot on a lovely wooden tray purchased at the markets a little while ago…even snuck in a very small test pot with an experimental new copper glaze that is definitely needing a bigger batch test.