pumpkin scones

img_3963pumpkin scones for afternoon tea..wrapped in  shibori cloth…how amazing is that colour?(scones i.e.!) the making,holding, giving, presenting of even the smallest things is a pleasure of life…..aaaand the eating!!yum yum (especially with a swipe of butter and a cup of tea )


img_3927studio dynamics involve work procedures, firings,deadlines,events and venues…all needing to be juggled. sometimes a bit hectic, sometimes a lull but work continues!! during the ‘normal’ studio output this year,  bowls, plates and little dishes have been stacking up ready to fill an order for a restaurant in sydney. its fun playing with stacks of bowls and the variables in their glazing. also a continuing search into greens in glazes.

too much solar


afternoon sun in the studio at the height of summer is impossible to work in so finally this year I put up a rod and brackets to fling some fabric over …some leftover bits with ties so they can be moved to suit. yesterday afternoon I looked up and the shadows on the ceiling were beautiful…the light bouncing off the small dam down below the studio. back to work!!  The kiln is humming along nicely, a glost firing started at 3.30 this morning in the hope it will mature before the day is too hot? fingers crossed !!

swim little fishy


have enjoyed painting on linen over the last 2 weeks, nice to fiddle with in that incredible hot weather. some fish swam away at the markets last weekend…and some more today heading to a new home further afield. Batik technique , indigo dye, fabric printing ink are used in various combinations oh, and also a bit of screen printing…..now back to some serious throwing of plates and bowls!!

blossom jar

img_2861had some results out of the  kiln load last week that were pleasing….am enjoying using cobalt as a positive / negative   surface, and the freedom of an almost watercolour treatment in applying the medium to the surface of the pot. it was the last firing of 2016 !! Roll on 2017 !!

Christmas Pear tree


last week I decided to prune my small pear tree as it was shading my veggie patch…later that day I looked at all those lovely branches and tried twisting a few together and they were quite pliable, so this year’s christmas is my pear tree wreathe for the front door with all studio bits of indigo, cobalt and white porcelain ( no partridges but seagulls !!)


its not really suddenly, that its December, and yet it is!! after a month out of the studio there has been a lot to do. getting back on 25th October, there were the end of November Avoca Beach Markets, 8th December Artisan Night Markets at Sturt Craft and Design Centre, Mittagong, and on the 10th, Saturday afternoon, were the Twilight Markets in Avoca Beach. All systems go but all events were fun…lots of people met, and now into the studio to keep the ball rolling…more big platters and bowls!!